“I want to spend time doing what I love…and what I love is creating incredibly beautiful baby items!”



My name is Joann Rosenberg and when I began contemplating retiring early after being a teacher for the past 28 years, I decided to look back to the past to what I loved. I have always loved being creative and I love sewing and making things for those I love. I wanted to do something that I truly enjoyed and did not feel like work. I also did not want the stress I had from my past job.


One day I was washing and packing up some sweaters and other baby items from when my boys were babies and toddlers. I just love all the memories that these items evoke. I had been given two lovely baby blankets that were cotton on one side and flannel on the other side. My boys had loved these blankets so much. I had also kept my favorite baby bib that both of my boys had used. I loved these items so much but thought to myself that I could make these same things but make them so much nicer. So began my quest to create incredibly beautiful and functional baby items such as baby blankets, bibs, burp clothes and more.


“I have now expanded into making beautifully curated Baby Shower, Holiday, and Birthday gift boxes.  I am excited and incredibly blessed to be doing something so creative and fun!”